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Trinity students, both boys and girls, have the opportunity to participate in athletic activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cheerleading.  For high school students, participation in our sports program gives additional credits on their school transcript.  In addition to encouraging physical activity in our students, our athletes also learn important lessons on attitudes of godly sportsmanship.  Coaches are expected to incorporate times of prayer and devotion into their practice times in order to strengthen each athlete’s personal relationship with God in addition to strengthening their bodies.


The Trinity Falcons basketball team has been coached by Doug Cherry for a number of years! He took over the team from his father and his heart for the game shows! Coach Cherry focuses on team work and team spirit. He drives the boys to play their best and hardest, regardless of the odds! TCS Basketball is open to boys grades 5th-8th.


Volleyball is offered for girls in 5th-8th grade. While competitive, the team knows the power of working together. This team is usually one of the largest teams in our athletic department. We are currently looking for a 2019-2020 school year coach. If you're interested in this volunteer position, please contact the school!


Soccer at Trinity Christian School is a fairly new program, but it is up and running! Depending on the number of interested students, our soccer team can be co-ed. We try to sign up through the Southern Illinois Middle School Soccer (SIMSS) Program. Sometimes, due to a lack of interest, we are unable to have a full team for the season. When that happens, we create a soccer skills camp for the students who are interested, so they still are able to participate in extracurricular activities. Soccer is open to boys and girls 5th-8th grade.



The Trinity Cheer Team is coached by Mrs. Lauren Kirk. Coach Lauren has coached cheer for 2 years and is a former college cheerleader. Our cheer team's focus is glorifying God through the talents he has given us! We focus on game day cheer, which works with floor cheer, sidelines, dance routines, and stunting. No previous experience is required! We work with 4th - 8th grade.

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