Assignments for March 30th - April 3rd



"Spring Freshet"

"The Footbridge"

"The Wonderful House"

"Moving In"


Ch. 14

- What did Laura do?

- Why was Mary surprised by Laura?

Ch. 15

- Describe what happened to Laura in this chapter.

Ch. 16

- What was Pa too tired to do?

- What does it mean to give your work "a lick and a promise"? Have you ever done this?

- What were both Laura and Mary afraid to do?

Ch. 17

- What one thing did Laura think was wrong with her room?


Lesson 98

Lesson 99

Lesson 100

Test 19


If you haven't done so yet, take the Pronoun Test (Ch. 9)

Pages 170 - 177


Take History Test 7

Read Pages 182 - 189

Workbook page 86


If you haven't, Take the test over Chapter 10!

Chapter 11

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

     Watch video lessons and complete workbook pages 41, 42, & 43.

Tuesday & Thursday

     Read Little Pilgrim's Progress & Study 1 Corinthians 3:16

Please scan and email all work. If you cannot, mail it to me, Mrs. Melvin, at 1304 Old DuQuoin Rd. DuQuoin, IL 62832

We are not grading in the usual way, but we are giving credit for completed work. This will be used to determine fourth quarter grades. I cannot give you credit if you do not turn in work to me.