Hello K3 families! Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Miller miss you dearly!! We hope you are enjoying your time at home and making SO many memories together during this time off.  Remember, that young children learn best by experimenting, making messes, running, climbing, and manipulating things with their hands and bodies- have fun with all of it!! 


Four things I encourage you to do:

1. Puzzles

2. Play outside 

3. Read, Read, Read!!

4. Color/draw (encourage correct pencil grip)

5. Cutting, snipping (with scissors), and ripping  (see website below)


Here are two of my favorite websites, that give lots of great ideas for learning:




And here is a website that explains the progression of scissor skills: 



If you would like worksheets for "table time", or "homework" for your child, please let me know via email or text and I can get those to you.  


Ms. Johnson and I will be posting videos here and on Facebook throughout the weeks off.  Please enjoy! 


God Bless,

Shelby Miller 

Colored Pencils
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Girl with Drawing
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