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​Thank you so much for considering Trinity Christian School's three year old preschool program! Below you will find some information about the K3 program.

Our focus in K3 will be to foster independence, develop social and emotional skills, and to encourage a love for God and all he has given us. Play, both child and teacher guided, will be the primary method of learning. Our classroom will be set up with Learning Centers, such as Dramatic Play, Art, Blocks, Science and Math, and Writing and Reading. Children will have the opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills everyday. Preschoolers will also practice turn-taking, listening while others speak, communicating needs using kind words, and following instructions. Keep scrolling to find out more about our K3 Program!


Lunch & Snack should be sent to school with your preschooler. Trinity does not serve hot lunches; however, there is a lunch catering option available to those who are interested. Please see the office for more information. All preschool children are expected to bring an A.M. snack to school, regardless of their lunch choice.

Full Time M-Th, 8:00-3:20, and Friday 8:00-12:45

Part Time M-F 8:00-12:45 or MWF 8:00-3:20

*Other part-time schedules may be available. Please see the office for more information. Trinity releases at 12:45 every Friday. We provide an Aftercare program from 3:35-5:30 every day for a small fee. Friday aftercare is available from 12:45-5:30.


How We Learn About the Bible

We will be using Bible, by the publisher Purposeful Design. This is a fantastic curriculum developed for children ages 3-5. We will be learning about the Old and New Testament through games, songs, worksheets, and stories.

Our Thematic Curriculum

This incorporates Purposeful Design Bible Preschool curriculum. A theme is a topic that children and teachers explore together using learning centers and activities. For example, our theme in September will be All About Me. Children will bring in photos of their family members to display around the dramatic play area, we will take their height and weight measurements at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month and make comparisons, we will compare the size and shape of our hand and footprints, explore our senses, praph eye and hair colors, talk about feelings, and paint self-portraits. Other themes for the year include:

August- Learning About School (Proceedures)

September- All About Me

October- Community Helpers

November- Farms  and Harvest

December- Christmas

January- Our Solar System

February- In the City

March- Gardens and Insects

April- Forests and Rivers

May- Coasts and Oceans

*The themes are flexible, and can run from 2-5 weeks, depending on the interest level of the children. More information regarding weekly activities will be available in the K3 class newsletter that will be sent home each week.

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