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Infinite possibilities with ETERNAL REWARD


If you are interested in a school which provides instruction from a Christian world view and upholds a high standard of excellence, Trinity Christian School may be for you.


Trinity emphasizes a traditional perspective in education equipping students with time-honored basic skills which provide tools for successful college study and life-long learning. 


Trinity is committed to using the highest quality Christian education resources.  With its Christian worldview, the course material of every subject is integrated with the truth of Scripture.  Our instruction emphasizes a classical perspective that equips student with the time--honored basic skills of language, literature, and communication. Textbooks are chosen from various publishers including Saxon Math, A Beka, Eerdmans, Shurley English, Pearson, Bob Jones, and Hand Writing without Tears. 

Because of our desire to support Christian parents in educating their children, Trinity gladly accepts homeschool students on a part time basis. Many homeschooling families take advantage of this opportunity for classes that they feel are challenging to teach (particularly in the high school grades), or because they desire their students to experience a classroom environment. Trinity also welcomes homeschool students to participate in our sports teams. For more information concerning opportunities for homeschool students, call 618-529-3733.



How is a Trinity Christian School (TCS) education different from public school education?


The TCS is an extension of the Christian home and church. The purposes and objectives of Trinity Christian School are based upon the Christian view of God and the world.  The school assists parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to teach and train their children in His ways. Trinity provides a program of education which promotes a Christ-centered life-style; upholds a standard of scholastic excellence; furnishes instruction in every subject from a Christian world and life view; and prepares students to take their places in the home, in the church, and in their country.  The Christian school concerns itself with the development of the whole child: spiritually, mentally, socially, physically, emotionally and aesthetically.


Trinity is identified as a Christian school with our actions and reputation being consistent with our Lord's. 


Faculty is hired by the Board of Directors.  All are chosen for their spiritual qualities and for their ability to teach their respective subjects.   Elementary classroom teachers are full-time professional educators with appropriate certifications; high school teachers may be full-time or part-time, so that they can concentrate on their specialty area of instruction. 


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