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Daily Schedules

7:45-8:15  Arrival/sign-in/open Learning Centers

8:15-8:45  Gathering time-Prayer, Group Instruction, Discussion of Daily Events

8:45-9:15 Open Learning Centers

9:15 Snack

9:30-10:15 Outside/Gross Motor

10:15-11:00 Small Group Instruction/Table Work (bible, math, science, etc.)

11:00 Lunch

11:30-12:15 Outdoor/Gross Motor

12:15-12:30 Singing/Storytime/Fingerplays & Half-Day Parent Pick-Up

12:30-12:45 Individual Reading Time

12:45-2:45 Rest Time- Nap Pads and Quiet Centers

2:45-3:20 Wake-Up/Quiet Centers & Table Work

* Friday Early Release at 12:45



In K3, our focus will be on strengthening the small muscles in the wrist and hand through fine motor activities.  Squeezing play dough, pinching clothespins, and hole punching card stick are examples of ways that we will do this. We will also work on letter and letter sound recognition, and learning that words and sentences go from left to right. We do this mostly by reading, reading , and more reading! We also have fun games and songs that will help is accomplish this. We want each child to learn how to recognize, and then write their name by the end of the year.


Math and science will be incorporated into our day in many ways. We will count almost everything, play games, sing songs, and read books that include number recognition and counting. Our Block center and sensory table will be an integral part of our play.  These areas will allow the children to experiment with size, shape, number, order, area, length, pattern, and weight.  Children can practice comparison, measurement, and classification, among other essential thinking skills.  We will spend time outdoors exploring our world, and we will have a science and math center where children can explore natural materials, manipulate counting cubes, and learn about weather.

Develop Social & Emotional Skills

These are the most important skills your child will develop.  Social and emotional learning is integrated into everything that we do.  Every interaction your child has at this age is a learning experience.  In K3 we will work on establishing healthy relationships with peers, recognizing and managing emotions, and learning self control.


We will be using the Bible, by the publisher Purposeful Design.  This is a fantastic curriculum developed for children ages 3-5.  We will be learning about the Old and New Testament through games, songs, worksheets and stories.

Daily Schedule

A little bit about your teacher…

Mrs. Cummings I am very excited to join the staff at Trinity Christian School! This will be my first year teaching the K3 class, and I am truly looking forward to it. Both of my children attend Trinity, in fact my youngest son is in our K3 class! My background is in education. I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Davis in Human Development. And I earned my Master’s degree from Chapman University in Education, with an emphasis in curriculum and development. I was a tenured high school teacher in California before we moved to the Midwest. And I also was the toddler (12-23 months old) teacher at a private program in Springfield, IL. I can’t wait to help your child grow and develop over this school year.

About Teacher
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